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What will happen before my child is expelled?

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Before an expulsion can take place there must be a meeting between you, the Principal, Chief Executive of the Education Authority and the Chairperson of the Board of Governors. Your child can ask to attend this meeting if they wish. If you fail to attend this meeting your child may still be expelled. This meeting must include a discussion about the future of your child’s education.

If your child attends an Education Authority controlled school, the Principal must prepare papers and send these to the Suspensions and Expulsions Panel of the Education Authority where they go to school. The papers will then be sent to a committee called the ‘Committee on the Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils’.

If your child attends a Catholic Council Maintained School (CCMS), a voluntary school or a grant-maintained school, the Board of Governors of their school makes the final decision about whether they will be expelled.

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