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In what circumstances can I make a special educational needs appeal to the SENDIST?

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The following circumstances may be grounds for appeal to SENDIST:

  •     Refusal to carry out a statutory assessment
  •     Refusal to carry out a statutory reassessment
  •     Refusal to make a statement of special educational needs
  •     Appeal against the contents of a statement – Part 2 (needs) and/or Part 3 (provision)
  •     Appeal against the school placement named in Part 4 of the statement
  •     Refusal of a request to change the school named on a statement
  •     Decision to cease to provide a statement
  •     Refusal to amend a statement after a statutory reassessment (note: this does not apply to a psychology “review” of a child – there must be a formal “reassessment”)

If you need advice on whether a valid ground of appeal exists you should contact the Children’s Law Centre on 08088085678 or email: info@childrenslawcentre.org

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