Will I be placed with my siblings?

If your siblings are also subject of a Care Order then the Trust is responsible for keeping siblings together as long as it is possible to do so.

Can I stop being in care and move back in with my family?

A Care Order lasts until you are 18. However, you can go to the court to ask for the judge to stop the order. Taking a child into care should normally be a temporary measure and should be stopped as soon as it is possible to do so. The Court is responsible for making sure that they try to reunite you with your family and enable regular contact as long as it is in your best interest.

Can I refuse family contact?

Your social worker will try to allow you contact with your family, as long as this is in your best interest.  However, if contact with your family does not appear to be in your best interest, the authorities will try to find a fair balance. You will be able to have a say about contact.

Can I have contact with anyone other than family?

You have a right to have contact with anyone close to you, like your family, friends, neighbours, and previous carers, and this should be encouraged as long as it is practical or in your best interests. If it’s not possible for you to have contact, you should have access to information on the situation of your family members.

Can I have contact with my siblings?

Under Article 9 of the UNCRC the Trust is required to try to maintain contact between you and your sibling or keep you with your siblings, as long as this is practical and in your best interest.