Legal Services

Our Values

Our legal services are child focussed and the child is always our client.
We ensure that public authorities, tribunals and courts recognise children as rights holders with the right to express their views and have those views taken into account.

We strive to ensure that when decisions are being made that impact on the lives of children we represent;
- The voice of the child is always heard
- The child’s best interests are at the heart of decision-making
- All children have equality of access to their legal rights, regardless of their age, background or circumstances

CHALKY - (Children’s Law Centre’s Help and Advice Line for Kids and Young People)

Our CHALKY legal advice and information service was launched in May 2000. We provide a free child friendly legal advice and information service, which deals with over 2000 issues annually. Our service provides free advice by phone or email to children and young people, their parents/carers and professionals with legal queries relating to difficulties in school, access to services for disabled children, special educational needs, mental health service provision, homelessness, family law issues and other general legal queries.

We can provide advice on children’s rights relating to the following areas:

- Family Law
- Being Looked After
- Youth Justice
- Mental Health Law
- Access to Medical Services
- Access to Family Support Services
- School Admissions
- Suspensions and Expulsions
- Special Educational Needs
- Social Security Benefits
- Employment
- Leaving home
- The Human Rights Act
- Equality and Discrimination
- Housing
- Immigration

Free Legal Representation

We also provide free legal representation, particularly at SENDIST and Mental Health Review Tribunals and undertake strategic litigation following the criteria contained within our Casework Policy.

REE Rights Responder and Live Chat

New Digital Information and Advice Service for Children and Young People only (under 18)– Live Now!

Ree Rights Responder and Live Chat

Young people (aged 13 – 17) who would prefer to access information on their rights online, can access our Children’s Rights chatbot REE - Rights Responder, which also offers a connection to an online legal advisor through REE live Chat for those young people who may need additional information and advice on their rights. See Ask an Expert in Youth Section for more information on REE.