What is a Care Plan?

A Care Plan is a very detailed plan about a your care arrangements. It is written by the social workers that are involved in your case. It explains arrangements for contact with family, plans for education and details of any foster placement or residential placement.

A Care Plan will be made within the first two weeks of a Care Order being issued and will be reviewed regularly. You have the right to have your wishes and feelings expressed at these review meetings and to be informed of the main points of discussion.  These review meetings are referred to as Looked After Child (LAC) Review meetings.

What is Voluntary Care?

This is where your parent or parents agree that Social Services should provide care and accommodation for you.

How long does a Care Order last?

The Care Order will last until you turn 18 but it can be ended earlier by the court if appropriate.

Who can make a Care Order?

Only a court can make a Care Order when an application is made by Social Services.