Who decides if a child needs to have a Care Order?

A Court will decide if a child should be placed under a Care Order. If the Order is made the child will be put under the care of their local Health and Social Care Trust (HSC). The HSC Trust will then have Parental Responsibility for the child and must provide them with accommodation and care.

Who can make a Care Order?

Only a court can make a Care Order when an application is made by Social Services.

What is Voluntary Care?

Voluntary Care is when a child’s parent/s agree that Social Services should provide care and accommodation for the child.

A child who is the subject of a Care Order or is in Voluntary Care is referred to as a Looked After Child (LAC).

What is an Emergency Protection Order?

An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is an Order made by a Court in an emergency situation when a child or young person is thought to be in immediate danger. An EPO gives the Health and Social Care Trust Parental Responsibility for a child for an initial maximum of eight days, which can be extended by the court if needed.

What is an Education Supervision Order?

An Education Supervision Order is a Court Order which gives the Education Authority a supervision role over a child’s education. This Order is made when a court is convinced that a child of compulsory school age is not being properly educated.