Who can search me at the airport? Can I request to be searched by someone of a particular gender?

Airport procedures will vary but most UK airports use full-body scans in the security area. You can request that the scanned image is viewed by a someone who’s gender you feel most comfortable with.

If the full-body scanner is triggered, you may be scanned again using a hand-held scanner which only takes a few minutes.

If a contact search is required it will be carried out in the open by someone of the same legal gender as you, but you should be able to request a search by a member of your preferred gender if it would make you feel more comfortable.

Can I go to a Single-Sex School?

There is nothing to prevent a single-sex school from accepting a transgender pupil. A pupil who has transitioned or wants to transition should be allowed to continue to attend a single-sex school. Every situation will, however, be dealt with on a case by case basis but according to the Education Authority (EA), if a policy only admits pupils based on their sex recorded at birth this would disadvantage transgender pupils and may be potentially open to challenge.

If you need information or advice on this, speak to a legal advisor confidentially on 0808 8085678, email ree@childrenslawcentre.org or online at REE Live Chat.

Can I use my chosen name/pronouns in school and get my school records changed to reflect my name/gender?

Your school should respect your wishes by using your preferred name/pronouns, and your records can be updated to reflect this. Remember to tell a teacher you trust so they can make sure other staff members know too.

If you are under 16 and want to be known by a different name or pronoun that is not supported by your parents/guardians, talk to a staff member that you trust as you may still be able to use your preferred name/pronoun in school.

If you want a document with your new name on it, your parents/guardians can apply to change your name through deed poll at any age. However, to change your name through deed poll without your parents/guardians’ consent, you must be 16 or older; and to change your legal name on your birth certificate you must be 18.

Your records cannot be updated to your preferred gender identity, unless you have legally changed the sex record on your birth certificate. You can do this by applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) when you are 18, if you have lived in your acquired gender for more than 2 years.

You can have your school records amended when you do legally change your name and gender – even if you have finished school, to reflect your transition.

For more information and advice contact us on 08088085678, email ree@childrenslawcentre.org or online at REE Live Chat.

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How do I get a provisional driving licence for the first time using my preferred gender identity if I am under 16?

If you know your preferred gender identity before you are 15 years and 9 months old, you can apply for a provisional driving licence using the gender you feel most comfortable with.

How do I change my gender on my provisional licence/driving licence?

If you already have a provisional licence or full licence and want to change your gender to your preferred gender identity, you will need to get a form from your post office.

You will then need to provide several documents, including a doctor’s letter stating your change of gender.