If I am underage, can my doctor tell my parents/guardians that I am transgender?

If you are under the age of 16, health care professionals will always try to persuade you to inform your parents/guardians, but they must respect your wishes. Your Doctor will make a judgement based on your capacity and understanding.

Can I ask my doctor and the staff to use my preferred pronouns?

Yes, you can ask anyone to address you with your preferred pronouns.  You can approach the GP practice and have a conversation about your gender identity. 

Will I lose my job if I come out as transgender?

You should not lose your job because you have come out or plan to transition in the workplace. If you come out and are fired shortly after, this could be considered unlawful dismissal and may be an act of discrimination.

Guidance by The Government Equalities Office recommends that employers have an inclusive environment that welcomes transgender people. If someone decides to transition in the workplace they should be supported by an action plan that addresses dates and timescales, records and systems, pronouns and name changes, making colleagues aware of the situation, facilities, and several other concerns. This is to support the individual and retain them as an employee.

 If you feel you have been discriminated against for being trans, speak to a legal advisor confidentially on 08088085678, email ree@childrenslawcentre.org or online at REE Live Chat.

Do I have to tell an employer that I am transgender when I am applying for a job?

When applying for a job, you can put any name on an application or CV, regardless of whether it is your legal name or not. You do not have to disclose that you are transgender, but you may inform your employer later on if you feel comfortable doing so or if you feel your needs are not being met. If you have upcoming treatments or surgeries, you do not have to disclose them as you should be entitled to medical leave.

Can I take time off work for medical reasons or appointments?

Government guidance states that “there may be absences for medical reasons and other appointments associated with the transition process which should be recorded, but not used in relation to any absence management process i.e. they should be regarded as a short-term reasonable adjustment.”