I find it hard to complete school work on time due to my carer’s duties. What support can I get in school?

You should not be punished in school if you are struggling due to your duties as a carer. If you are having trouble with school or homework, you can ask your teachers for support.

The Education Authority (EA) has produced a booklet to help teachers understand young carers and the support that you might need – you can view it here.

The guidance from the EA explains many ways that your school can help you, some examples include:

•            putting you in touch with your local young carers service

•            arranging a young carers worker to talk to you

•            delivering a lesson about young carers at your school

My school policy states no mobile phones during school hours, but I need to stay in contact with the person I care for. What can I do?

You should speak to a teacher that you trust to check if your school would allow you to use a telephone at break and lunchtime so you can check on the person that you are caring for.

Do I have to tell my school/teachers that I am a young carer?

You do not have to tell your school; however, it might help to be honest about your home situation as you may be able to get extra help and support in school.

There should be a designated person who you can talk to about being a carer in school. If you aren’t sure who this person is, you could try speaking to a teacher that you trust. You can ask them to let all of your teachers and any other relevant staff members know that you are a young carer so you don’t need to explain this over and over again to different people.

All school staff should make sure that any information you tell them is confidential (this means to keep your information private and to only share with others if it is necessary) to protect your privacy and dignity (this means to be valued and respected).

What will the Expulsions Appeal Tribunal consider?

At the hearing the Expulsions Appeal Tribunal must consider all of the circumstances of the case. In particular the Tribunal will look at the following:

  • Anything presented in writing
  • Anything said by you, your parent/carer, your friend or representative
  • Anything said by the Education Authority and any other people involved in the decision to expel you
  • Whether your school’s procedures for expulsion were properly followed
  • The interests of other pupils and teachers in the school

As soon as possible after the hearing, the decision of the Tribunal is sent in writing to you if you are 18 or over, or to your parents if you are under 18, as well as whoever expelled you.

Do I need a solicitor for an expulsion Tribunal?

You can bring a representative with you to the appeal hearing to help you put forward your views, however it is not necessary for you to have someone there.