Can I appeal my suspension?

There is no right of appeal for either you or your parents/carers against a school’s decision to suspend you. However, if the Principal and Board of Governors have failed to follow the school’s policy and procedures relating to suspension, or the decision to suspend is unreasonable or unlawful, then it is possible to challenge the decision by way of a judicial review in the High Court.

If a challenge is successful then the Board of Governors of the school may be directed to remove the suspension from your school records.

If you think you have been suspended unfairly then you should contact the Children’s Law Centre on 08088085678 or email: for advice.

Do I still have to do school work while suspended?

Your school must provide you with suitable education while you are suspended. They may arrange for the collection of notes or homework at the school office and you would have to complete this work in your own time. If you are out of school for a long time then home tuition may be provided through the Education Authority.

Will the school tell my parents that I have been suspended?

When you are suspended, the Principal must write to your parents/carers immediately. They must also write to the Education Authority and the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, or if it is a Catholic Council Maintained School (CCMS), the local diocesan office, and give reasons for your suspension.

The Principal should also invite your parents/carers to the school to discuss the suspension.

If the Principal decides to extend your suspension they must again write to your parents/carers.

What is the maximum amount of days I can be suspended for?

You cannot be suspended from school for any more than 45 days in one school year.

How long can a suspension last?

If you are being suspended for the first time then this suspension can last no more than 5 school days.

After this, the Principal can suspend you for a longer period by getting the approval of the Board of Governors. If the Principal decides to extend your suspension they must again write to your parents/carers.