What information will be included in a search record?

The record of a search must always include the following information:
• Your name, or (if it is withheld) a description of you;
• When a vehicle is searched, its registration number;
• The identity of the officer making the search;
• The date, time, and place that you were first detained;
• The date, time and place you were searched (if different from (iii);
• The purpose of the search;
• The grounds for making the search
• The outcome (i.e. arrest, no further action)
• A note of any injury or damage to property resulting from the search

Do the Police have to keep a record of the search? Can I ask for a copy?

The Police must complete a record of the search electronically. You should receive a card after the search with a unique reference number and details of how to get a copy of the search record after the search has been completed.

What can happen after a search?

• No further action
• You may be arrested
• The police can make a report to the Public Prosecution Service
• Police may issue a penalty notice or Disorder

Can I leave after a search?

In the absence of any other lawful power to detain, you are free to leave at will and you must be told this.

Can the Police search underneath my clothes?

The police can only search underneath your clothes if they have reasonable suspicion to believe that you may be concealing a prohibited item or illegal substance. If this is the case, you have to be searched out of public view and the officer who performs the search must be the same sex as you.