Can I refuse to stop for the Police?

If you refuse to stop, officers can use reasonable force to stop you so they can conduct a search. Depending on your behaviour your refusal could lead to you being arrested for obstructing a Police Officer.

Do I have to stop and answer the Police Officer’s questions?

Generally you do not have to answer questions when an Officer is not using a specific law to authorise questioning you, but you may choose to give your name voluntarily in these circumstances.

What can the Police stop me for?

The police can stop you if there has been serious violence or disorder in the area, or they are searching for someone who fits your description, if they have reasonable suspicion to suspect you’re carrying drugs, a weapon or stolen property or to counter terrorism.

The police are not allowed to stop you just because of your religious beliefs, political opinion, race, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, the way you look, or the clothes that you’re wearing.

Do the police need a warrant to stop me?

The police do not need a warrant to stop you