What will the Expulsions Appeal Tribunal consider?

At the hearing the Expulsions Appeal Tribunal must consider all of the circumstances of the case. In particular the Tribunal will look at the following:

  • Anything presented in writing
  • Anything said by you, your parent/carer, your friend or representative
  • Anything said by the Education Authority and any other people involved in the decision to expel you
  • Whether your school’s procedures for expulsion were properly followed
  • The interests of other pupils and teachers in the school

As soon as possible after the hearing, the decision of the Tribunal is sent in writing to you if you are 18 or over, or to your parents if you are under 18, as well as whoever expelled you.

Do I need a solicitor for an expulsion Tribunal?

You can bring a representative with you to the appeal hearing to help you put forward your views, however it is not necessary for you to have someone there.

If I make an appeal can I attend the Tribunal?

You may attend the Tribunal and speak at the hearing if you wish.

How long do I have to make an appeal against my expulsion?

It is important to act quickly as you must tell the Education Authority that you wish to appeal within 10 days of the date of the letter confirming your expulsion. A parent or pupil wishing to appeal the decision must send the Tribunal the reasons for the appeal in writing.

Can I make an appeal against my expulsion?

Yes, an Appeal can be made to the Education Authority Expulsion Appeal Tribunal for the area in which the school you have been expelled from is located. This must be done by your parents/carers unless you are 18 or over.