How do I get my name changed on any records held about me (e.g. education, training, employment, medical or social work records) to show my new name?

If you want to update any records to replace your old name with your new name, you will need to produce evidence to show that you have changed your name.

If you get a deed poll, you can use it to update your details with the NHS and Gender Identity Clinics, your exam board, passport and your driving licence.

To change your birth certificate, you need to get a Gender Recognition Certificate which you can apply for when you are 18 and over.

What age can I change my name if I am in Care?

If you are under a Care Order you need the permission of everyone with parental responsibility, including the Trust, to change your name, even if you are over 16.

How do I change my name if I am under 16?

If you are under 16 and you want to change your name, you can do this by deed poll* normally only with the permission of those who have ‘parental responsibility’ for you.

If neither parent/person(s) with parental responsibility gives permission, you can apply for a court order. However, you will have to demonstrate to the court that you have tried to work out your differences with them.

*A deed poll is a legal document which enables you to officially change any part of your (or your child’s) name: you can add a new name, remove an existing name, change the spelling of your names or even adopt a completely new name altogether, the choice is entirely yours.

Using a deed poll enables you to get all documents and records, including your passport, driving license and bank account, updated to show your new name.

At what age can I change my name?

If you are 16 and over there is no legal requirement for any documentation when it comes to changing your name. You can change your name by simply starting to use a new name, as long as it isn’t for fraudulent reasons.

If you want a document with your new name on it in certain circumstances you can execute a deed poll, but you should speak to an advisor before trying to do this.

If you are under 16, you can change your name, but only with parental permission.

For more information and advice, speak to a legal advisor confidentially on 0808 8085678, email or online at REE Live Chat.