How do I get a Contact Order?

You would have to get a Solicitor and make an application to the court. You can instruct your own Solicitor if they feel that you are mature enough and have sufficient understanding about what you are seeking and the court process.

What is a Contact Order?

A Contact Order is a court order, which sets out the pattern of contact you should have with your parents, brothers or sisters that you do not live with, e.g. every weekend, two days per week etc.

What can I do if I don’t agree with the outcome of mediation decisions being made about contact arrangements?

If you are not happy with what is agreed through mediation and you still feel that you are not having enough time with a parent or a sibling, then you might have to consider asking a court to make a decision.

Will I get to have a say in decisions being made during mediation?

Your voice is of extreme importance to family mediators. In general, the needs and wishes of very young children are brought into the process by parents. If you are mature enough you may be able to speak directly with a mediator to let them know your wishes and feelings.

How much contact can I expect to have with a parent or my brother(s) and sister(s)?

There are no specific rules on this and each family has its own particular circumstances but it should allow you to have a meaningful relationship with all your family. It is usually a matter for you and your parents to decide.

If you do not feel you are seeing enough of one of your parents or your brothers and sisters, or you don’t feel that people are listening to what you want, then you could go to court for a Contact Order which will set out the amount of contact you should have.