If my child makes an appeal can they attend the Tribunal?

Your child may attend the Tribunal and speak at the hearing if they wish.

How long does my child have to make an appeal against their expulsion?

It is important to act quickly as your child must tell the Education Authority that they wish to appeal within 10 days of the date of the letter confirming their expulsion. A parent or pupil wishing to appeal the decision must send the Education Authority Expulsion Appeal Tribunal the reasons for the appeal in writing.

Can my child appeal against their expulsion?

Unless your child is 18 or over, an appeal must be made by a parent/carer. An appeal can be made to the Education Authority Expulsion Appeal Tribunal for the area in which the school you have been expelled from is located.

Can my child appeal their suspension?

There is no right of appeal for either you or your child against a school’s decision to suspend them. However, if the Principal and Board of Governors have failed to follow the school’s policy and procedures relating to suspension, or the decision to suspend is unreasonable or unlawful, then it is possible to challenge the decision by way of a judicial review in the High Court.

If a challenge is successful then the Board of Governors of the school may be directed to remove the suspension from a pupil’s school records.

If you think you have been suspended unfairly then you should contact the Children’s Law Centre on 08088085678 or email: info@childrenslawcentre.org for advice.