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Road to Rights Training for Young People – Using Rights for Change

During the summer of 2011, 10 young people from Belfast, North Down and Carrickfergus, participated in a youth peer advocacy training programme called “Road to Rights”. This programme was designed and delivered by CLC, with funding support from the Community Foundation NI and Lloyds TSB Foundation NI. Training included contributions from NICCY, the National Children's Bureau NI, Headliners and the NI Youth Forum.

The training enabled young people to link children's rights to the identification of local issues which impact negatively on their lives. Each group chose one issue of particular concern to their community and planned a children's rights campaign with a view to bringing about positive change in their local area. With support from local youth workers, the young people used the Road to Rights Campaign Toolkit, designed by CLC, to support young peer advocates in achieving their campaign goals.The five youth-led children's rights campaigns aimed to remind Government of their duty under the UNCRC to ensure that...
  • Children are not discriminated against - Article 2
  • All decisions affecting the lives of children are taken in their best interests - Article 3
  • All children can develop to their maximum potential - Article 6
  • All children can participate in a meaningful way in all aspects of their lives - Article 12
Click here for more info about the five youth-led campaigns 

Youth Participation & Advocacy Project

CLC's Road to Rights Campaign Toolkit

Seven steps to achieving change for children and young people...
  • 1 Where to Start?

    • Form a Group of Young People who Share Similar Concerns
    • Discuss issues that affect other young people in the community
    • Pick one thing you would most like to change
  • 2 What Do We Want?

    • Set realistic goals and timeframe
    • Identify changes you would like to see happen
    • Write a ‘manifesto’ to set out your goals and to say what needs to be done and how you will do it
  • 3 Knowledge is Power

    • Know your message   
    • Research the issues to support your argument   
    • Prepare for challenge   
    • Phone Chalky for Information and Advice
  • 4 What Help do we need?

    • Work with other young people and adults who share your vision for change   
    • Get politicians to listen and support you   
    • Identify the need for funding and how you will get it
  • 5 Shout Out

    • Choose your campaign tactics e.g:   
    • Run a ‘Rights in Action’ Project and take it to Stormont   
    • Tweet Councillors and MLAs   
    • Make a video and put it on youtube   
    • Organise a petition   
    • Write a story for your local paper   
    • Start a Facebook campaign
  • 6 We Got There

    • Write a press release   
    • Tell local radio, TV and papers about your success   
    • Tweet your achievements
  • 7 What have we Acheived?

    • List your successes    
    • Identify what you have achieved and what still needs to happen

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