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When can I begin hormone treatment?

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Under NHS guidelines, if you have gender dysphoria and have reached puberty you can ask to receive hormone treatment. The hormone treatment is man-made and will suppress the hormones naturally produced by the body to slow puberty and potentially delay physical changes caused by your body becoming more like that of your biological sex until you are old enough for other treatment options.

Under NHS guidelines you can only receive hormone treatment if you are experiencing distress living as your birth sex and have a strong desire to live as your gender identity. This treatment is normally reversible and can be stopped at any time.

The guidelines indicate that in most cases, when you turn 17 you may be seen in an adult gender clinic and you can start to think about permanent hormone or surgical treatments to alter your body further to fit with your gender identity.

“Gender affirming” hormones may be available if you are under 18, although guidelines do not recommend that under 16s receive this treatment.  This is something you would need to discuss with your GP and/or a medical professional.

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