How will Vocational Courses be graded this year?

For CCEA’s Occupational Studies, Entry Level and Vocationally Related qualifications there will be no formal assessment in 2021. Instead, teachers will be asked to use their professional judgement and the evidence available to them in order to reach a Centre Determined Grade.

I’m in year 11, will my grades count towards year 12?

Unfortunately, if you are in Year 11 or below and you wanted to ‘cash-in’ GCSE qualifications this summer, you will not be awarded any GCSE qualifications in 2021. However, there are two exceptions to this:

a) Those taking GCSE Maths who plan to progress to GCSE Further Maths in Year 12 will be awarded grades; and,

b) Grades will be awarded to GCSE Irish students who may progress to GCSE Gaelige or require it for progression to other courses delivered in Irish.

Can I appeal my grade if I am not happy?

Yes. You will have a right of appeal to your school or college around the centre determined grade. Challenges relating to the processes and whether they were followed or implemented correctly or consistently and in line with guidance will be processed by CCEA.

For further advice and guidance you can speak to a legal advisor confidentially on 08088085678, email or online at REE Live Chat.

When will results be released?

Currently, the date for results to be released are the 24th August for AS and A levels, and the 27th August for GCSEs.

How will private candidates be assessed?

Your school or examination centre should make sure that you can be facilitated to take any necessary assessments so there is sufficient evidence to award a grade.