August 2013 – UNCRC Youth Engagement Event - OFMDFM


In August 2013 a representative from the Office of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) met with youth@clc to hear their views on issues that impact on young people's lives and what they thought government needed to do, to ensure that all children and young people can enjoy their rights to the full.  Youth@clc expressed concerns about issues relating to education, mental health and discrimination against children and young people.  Some of the issues they talked about included:
  • wantingthe media to run stories about the positive contributions that many young people make to society
  • the need for government to improve play facilities for children and young people with disabilities
  • the need for government to address prejudice and discrimination against children and young people from ethnic minority backgrounds (e.g. Irish Travellers and the Roma community)
  • the need to protect children and young people from being treated differently because they are young

Youth@clc's views will be included in the UK State's Report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child which is due for examination by the Committee in 2016.  Youth@clc will also be working on and sending their own separate report to the Committee, along with other groups of young people and voluntary and community groups who work with children and young people, to ensure that that the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child get a full picture of what our government still needs to do to ensure that Children's Rights become a reality for everyone.  

February 2013 - Age Discrimination Survey

Youth@clc are very concerned that children and young people continue to be treated differently from adults on the basis of their age alone and that they often experience unfair treatment by providers of goods and services all over Northern Ireland. We asked youth@clc about their own experiences and they told us: 

"We are often stopped by security guards in shopping centres, local shops, parks, fast food restaurants, cinemas and leisure centres.  Sometimes we feel that we are treated unfairly by the police."

If you want to tell us about your experiences of being treated differently because of your age, follow the link below to take part in our online survey.
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