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The CLC’s policy work aims to create and contribute to widespread societal change through influencing the development and implementation of legislation and policies to ensure that they uphold the rights of children and young people in Northern Ireland and are compliant with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and other International Children and Human Rights standards. Through successful policy work the work of the CLC has a positive impact on all children and young people in Northern Ireland in the increased children’s rights compliance of new and amended Government policies and pieces of legislation. The CLC’s policy unit works closely with the CLC’s youth group, youth@clc to ensure that young people have their voices heard in the development of Government policies and legislation in Northern Ireland. CLC’s policy work ensures that where proposed Governmental policies or legislation will impact on children and young people Government is reminded of its obligations to deliver on children’s rights.

Some of the policy work which the CLC does includes –

  • Making consultation responses
  • Providing policy briefings to decision makers, partner organizations, children and young people and the general public
  • Delivering policy training to a wide range of audiences
  • Making written and oral submissions and representations to Assembly Committees
  • Holding political representatives and decision makers to account in line with their children’s rights obligations
  • Influencing and supporting politicians and decision makers through attendance at party conferences and developing good working relationships with politicians and officials
  • Working in partnership with other relevant organisations and actively contributing to membership bodies, seminars and events
  • Carrying out consultations with children and young people and representing the views of children and young people to Government

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